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real estate program

Forget about all the hype and gimmicks- It’s time to end the confusion, cut through the nonsense, and discover the simple steps to mastering the fast paced world of real estate investing and how to become a top producing realtor by working with a built in iBuyer.

No matter how hard you try or what you do, it seems impossible to learn how to make money in the real estate investing business.No worries!

The Workshops with Belwood University were designed specifically to eliminate the confusion of what to do, how to do it, and why you’re even doing it in the first place.

Learn to avoid the biggest mistakes most go through when getting into the real estate world.




This program is free and is available for a small selection of people at a time.


This program is a series of workshops to help you perform at your utmost potential in the real estate world.


The workshops run from 9AM-1PM, Monday through Friday.


Workshops are invite only and are limited to a select group of few. Should you like to be a candidate for a seat in one of these workshops apply now!


All workshops are designed to provide you with intentional training that will increase your overall sales skills and lead conversion in Real Estate. 



Length of workshop runs for 9 weeks.


This is 9 weeks of instructional

workshops (in person) to help you master all the skills and techniques to continue your success with or without Belwood after your program time is up.

  • Over 180 hours of hands-on workshop training available to you through the course of your program and then after.

  • 6 state exam prep workshops. During these workshops, you will learn exactly what to study and how to successfully pass the CA Real Estate exam. These sessions are designed to help support and assist you in studying not only for the exam but preparation for what to do once you pass the exam!



At the end of the program, Belwood University will select (at their discretion) a handful of lucky winners to be gifted the following things:

All fees associated with becoming a California Licensed Realtor.

This includes:

The 3 mandatory educational courses ($300 value) in order to take your state 


Fingerprint fee ($75 value)

DRE license fee ($250 value)

State exam fee. ($95 value)

In addition, BU will pay for:

First year of select dues to activate your license. This includes 

National and Local Association dues ($369 value).

First 3 months of dues with the brokerage of Belwood Universities choice ($450 value). 




An average California Realtor closes about 6 transactions a year. Most these agents average out to making just above minimum wage.

Not our agents that attend our workshop programs! Our agents on average close 12-15 transactions a year and make well over 6 figures while doing it.


That is the total percentage of agents that fall out of the business within their first year of being licensed, Every person that completes our workshop and passes their California state exam while working with us, have not only stayed in the industry, but are typically in the top 5% of agents in the state. 


Most agents do not become very educated in the Real Estate world right away. Most think, "Just pass the test and I will make money right away!"


There are three problems with most real estate programs and brokerages out there:
1. With most programs, you never learn step-by-step what to do.
2. With most programs, you learn about theory.
3. Theory-only programs ruin your chances of taking action and making money.

For an educational program to work, the action steps must be taught, so you know how to take action. You need to learn the correct steps taught in a specific order, so you’re not running in circles and wasting time. That’s what the Belwood University Mentorship Program is for. We provide a unique and highly successful program designed to catapult you into both the traditional and investment sides of the real estate field!

Spend time learning what it’s like to work in the fast-paced, entrepreneurial, team-oriented environment at Belwood Investments. This program will also teach you how to acquire your own pool of iBuyers through the United States and how to leverage your business by utilizing them in day to day business!